by Aaron, Amy, Eli, and Zoe

Justin’s school project… November 23, 2009

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Just need new pics up…

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Some Summer Pics September 1, 2009

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Well honestly I need to just do a photoshoot and a major upload!  But for now here’s a couple shots from Hawaii & a few other moments…


Memorial Day(I know I’m behind!) June 9, 2009

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over exposed eli

i know this picture is kinda scary over exposed, but i just cannot get enough of this boys eyes!

zoe tube

she loves the water, splashed on her face or whatever, she just loves it!

zoe bikini


Mother’s Day Spa/BBQ May 24, 2009

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Today was a wonderful, fun, & relaxing day!  5 fantastic husbands got together & got 5 of us wifey’s a day at the spa together & then we came home to them having cooked us a delicious BBQ dinner!  It was so amazing!  Now we are all wondering what we can possibly do for them for Father’s Day!  Here’s some pics I took at the house for dinner!

kids bendy

eli & jack

addie swagger

elliot 12

mel & tate window


Ice Cream Cones! May 16, 2009

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sibs hands

eli lick

zoe eyes cone

zoe tongue cone

zoe look up cone mouth

eli walking cone

zoe wave with cone

eli look down w cone

zoe dirty kissy face

eli crunch cone

zoe up close

zoe try to climb

eli peek thru cone

nano smilw

just another smile

nano zoe


Backyard Before Bedtime… May 15, 2009

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eli kiss zoe



high five

silly high five 1


zoe tilted

looking at eachother

hands on chin

silly faces 7

silly face 1

silly faces 9

silly faces 10

silly faces2

silly faces3

silly faces4

silly faces5

silly faces6

silly faces8

kissy face zoeThis is her kissy face.  I had to come over & give her a kiss after this picture.  And by the time I got there she decided to go for an open mouth kiss.  And she’s teething sooo bad so drooly it was!  Gross!  All of these pictures were just them being them… I didn’t even say “silly faces” or anything.  I just was standing there with my camera they just went crazy.  I swear, my kids have no personality…